What is the difference between a cabinetmaker and kitchen manufacturer?
A cabinet maker makes custom made cabinets throughout the house. Whereas, a kitchen manufacturer only makes kitchens. Often kitchen manufacturers do not use custom cabinets they mass produce cabinets which lead to wasteful voids, rather than customised cabinets to suit your special requirements.

How much will my new cabinetry cost me?
Without a doubt the single most asked question by nearly all clients is, “how much?” However as you can imagine, budgets vary widely depending on size, style, materials, accessories, appliances and type of project being undertaken. A small kitchen with expensive finishes may cost more than a larger kitchen with more economical choices. We consider ourselves to be a mid-ranged price company who focus greatly on service and quality and will be happy to guide you through the pricing options.

When will my job be completed?
Depending on the time of year and the materials selected for your project it can take anywhere from 4-10weeks to complete your job. It is a common practice in the industry to provide an install date to get you to pay a deposit, only to change the date later and let you down. Prestigious Cabinets will give a realistic date and honour it.

What colour choices do you offer?
Once you have agreed to the quotation price you will be given a colour consultation where you will be given unlimited colour choice. We do not have standard colour ranges. Whatever material you choose we will give you the choice of the complete colour range offered. Some companies keep their costs down by bulk buying and providing a limited colour range.

Do you offer BSA Insurance?
It is actually illegal for a company to build your kitchen or bathroom over $3300 without paying BSA insurance. You should be given a copy of the paid policy. However, some unit buildings are excluded from BSA Insurance. Contact the Building Services Authority for more information.

What if I think my kitchen only needs a facelift?
We find that many people initially feel that a face lift would be quite acceptable instead of a whole new kitchen. Consider however, that a kitchen is basically only made up of 3 components – bench tops, doors and carcasses. Virtually all face lifts will involve changing the bench tops and doors and yet the cheapest component, the carcasses, will be left behind. This means that the ability to add drawers, improve the pantry and change the overall design, even subtly, will be hampered due to the restrictions of keeping the existing carcasses. Face lifts generally incur high labour costs and unfortunately what you may save in one area, will be added to in others. We are happy to offer facelifts, but please consider that a whole new kitchen will probably be a better option and in comparison to a face lift, more economical than you may think.

What do I do with my old kitchen?
Prior to installing their new kitchen, many people attempt to sell their old version. If the cabinetry is in reasonable condition and generally less than 20 years old, with appliances working, instead of simply throwing it out, you might like to consider the benefits of selling your old kitchen. Not only will you get some extra money to go towards your new kitchen, but you will also save the cost of having to remove the existing kitchen and disposal of it. Check the Trading Post or EBay etc. for what people are asking.

How do I care for my new kitchen?
Upon installation, Prestigious Cabinets will supply you with some general information on the care and maintenance of your new cabinetry. You can find a copy of the brochure on the Products Page.

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We are absolutely delighted with our new kitchen. While we already had a general plan for the kitchen, Andrew added a lot of value with innovative ideas for changes and improvements. Andrew is very approachable, friendly and professional and the finished product so well done we have even had other professionals in the building business comment on its high quality. On top of this, it was great value for money when we compared it with other quotes we had received. We have no hesitation in recommending Prestigious Cabinets.
Sally and John Algate
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